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Performance Distinction of the Products

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1.Picture one the Freeweight Test is used 600D Nylon fabric,and it can load more than 60KG;

2.The WaterProof Test show is tell you that the waterproof function would have some difference

   on the market;

3.Stitches within 1 inch, is we compared one of the Korea`s brand with our normal product

   ours is 7 stitches within 1 inch

   but their product just have 6 stitches;

4.Stitches show is tell you that we found on the market,some supplier used the stitches just

   have 2lines within 1 stitch, but ours has 3lines;

5.the last 2 pictures is show you

   even 600D polyester

   here also have different Yarn Density

   not only 600*600 & 600*900

   but also have 600*300,600*400,600*600 ruggedized

6.How to judge a fabric is good,and another is better?

   we suggest you compare from next sides

   A.if the Yarn Density is realy the same


       the weight per sauare meter should also would be same;

   B.Plain Weave Or Twill Weave?

      if the material of the fabric and the other conditions are the same

      then Plain Weave Fabric would be more stronger at the performance of Breaking Strength

      and Tear Strength

   C.what is the material of the waterproof coating?

       we know Dupont`s Teflon is the most expensive

      and TPU coating would be more expensive than other normal coating like PU,PE...

   D.What is the Coating of the Fabric`s Back surface?

       PU,PVC or any others?

   E.If the coating is the same material,then how many layers covered?smooth or Rugged? or not?

   G.if the coating will turn pale when you fold or knead the fabric?


   H.if the fabric has some foul smell?

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